Genre Breaker is a weekly discussion podcast where author and editor Hayden Pickens invites other writers and editors to help explore different kinds of storytelling. Each episode encompasses a different genre and the stories and features that set it apart, as well as the kinds of stories that break the mold of that genre and help show off what all kinds of writers can learn from it.


In this slighly late episode Hayden and Audrey talk about why YA fiction is so popular, how it can target teens while still tackling tough topics, and why you aren't allowed to read literary fiction on the beach.


This week Hayden chats with Ashley Nicole Hunter from the Vortex and Sigil House Publishing to go over what seperates magical realism from fantasy or horror, how worldbuilding can sometimes shift a story's genre, and why being in a writing program helps you finish your stories.


In the first episode of Genre Breaker host Hayden Pickens sits down with fellow writer and editor Audrey Bauman to discuss what literary fiction is, how your own ages and experiences affect your tastes, and why "literary fiction" is a confusing term.